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Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s face it, buying a home comes with a lot of questions. After all, it’s one of the biggest purchasing decisions you may make! It’s important that you feel confident during the entire process. Below are answers to some of our our most commonly asked questions that might be helpful to you.

How much is a down payment?

Most often, down payment amount is anywhere from 5 - 20% of total home cost. If you own land outright, you can often use that as collateral in lieu of a downpayment.

I don’t have any credit. Can I still finance a home?

Unestablished credit does not prohibit you from buying a home. There are a number of other factors that lenders will consider when determining if you’re approved for financing.

Can I use land as a down payment?

Yes - if you own land, it can be used in lieu of a down payment in many cases. Other items such as cars, RVs, and other manufactured homes can qualify as down payment as well.

I don’t have any land. Can you help me find some to put my home on?

When we said we work hard to earn your business, we meant it! We have a number of sources to help you find land within your area

Can land and home financing be rolled into one payment?

Absolutely. Our lenders can help you structure the loan so you only have one monthly payment.

Do you accept trades? If so, what about RVs or vehicles?

Yes, and yes!

How long does the buying process take?

Once you’ve found a home you’re satisfied with, the transactions can take place in just a couple of hours! For financing, buying still may only take up to a few days to a few weeks.

When can I expect my home to be delivered after purchase?

If you purchase a lot model and the weather is cooperating, we can deliver a home the very next day. For most orders, it may take a few weeks to a couple months for your home to be constructed and delivered.

If I order a home, what customization options are available?

Each manufacturer provides different customization options. Most commonly, buyers will be able to choose different colors (exterior & interior), flooring, bathroom and kitchen appliances, wind zones, and occasionally floor plan modifications.

Will my home come with a warranty?

All new manufactured home purchases come with a standard one-year warranty. We do offer an additional 6-year warranty on all new and used homes!

What comes with a home purchase?

Did we mention we're turnkey? Purchase packages most often include the home, home delivery, installation, underpinning/skirting, and a set of steps. Some purchases may come with additional inclusions.

Where do you deliver?

To keep delivery costs low, we typically deliver throughout the state, a neighboring state, or within 150 miles of our address.

I live near the coastline. Do I need to consider Wind Zone type?

Yes. Every manufactured home is built as a Wind Zone 1, 2, or 3 home. If you live near the coastline, you will need to consider a zone 2 or 3. View Wind Zone map here or call us for more information.

I’m moving to a neighboring state. Should I contact a local dealership or from one nearby my new area?

You most likely want to contact the dealership near your current address first. They may be able to help get you lower costs on home transportation, depending on the home you purchase.

Do you sell modular homes?

Yes. Many of the modular home models we carry offer more in-depth customization options, too.

Do you carry “Tiny” homes?

While they share many characteristics, a tiny home is different from a manufactured home. We do not offer “tiny” homes (which are primarily used for frequent traveling), but we do offer compact and affordable 1-2 bed + 1 bath options that might be a good alternative to a tiny home.

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